"It put me in touch with what it means to be female in a way that we are not taught. We're taught how to have power if we can have the kind of power that men have, we're taught how to have power if we can be sexy

and appeal to a man's taste in that way, but we're not really taught the really primal embodied

raw power that is what it is to be female... and that's what you see in the birth room."       

 -Ivy Joeva, Doula, Midwife assistant, therapist, counselor, and birth advocate.

Below you will find the birth stories of babies born told through photo-journalistic birth photography, all in different ways, at different places, and under different circumstances. Every birth has its own story, its own flow, and each one is unique. The one common denominator from birth to birth, is the beauty, the power, the grace of the mother. These stories are told through my lens, my perspective, and what I always walk away with is the awareness- not that birth is hard, but that women are strong. 

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