Photography- personal postpartum care visits

Postpartum Support is vital, I want to help create that support.

During this visit, I can help you create a lasting postpartum plan for healing, coping, and growing through this transition into motherhood. May this be your first baby, or your 5th, there is always a transition period. Having a plan in place can help minimize risks for postpartum mood disorders, increase chances of successful bonding, breastfeeding, and having a positive experience in your babies first weeks of life.

I feel very strongly that mothers are the backbone of our future, and caring for them is my number one passion. During our visits I am happy to offer help with the house, baby care, let you catch a nap, or even pray with you and your family. My goal after these visits is to leave you with a plan that keeps you happier, less stressed, and more confident in your weeks to come.

Visits last 1-3 hours depending on need, and will be low stress for you. You can expect compassionate judgement free care. You can be confident in this care as I have completed workshops and training in PMADS (perinatal and postnatal mood and anxiety disorders), postpartum care, pastoral care, and over 15 years of newborn and childcare experience. I also have many resources and connections to help connect you to any care needed that I can not personally provide during your postpartum recovery. 

Available in Greensboro, Winston Salem, High point, Ashboro, and surrounding/connecting areas. Available for travel for additional cost.  

Can be added to any photography package, or purchased independently.

With photography package:

1 visit                   $50

2 visits                $80

3 visits                $125


1 visit                   $80

2 visits                $120

3 visits                $175

Greensboro    .     Winston Salem    .     Ashboro    .     Clemmons    .     Kernersville    .     surrounding/connecting areas    .     Available for Travel