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This podcast has made an incredible impact on my personal life and my birth photography work, and continues to inspire me without fail. This is one of the best resources I could share with anyone in any stage of motherhood, anyone preparing for birth, or working in birth fields. Not only is it great for learning purposes, but hearing these stories and "meeting" these guests, can really inspire and put the mind at ease in regards to every type of labor situation and fear. 

Dr. Berlin is dedicated to sharing tangible information on every aspect of birth, childcare, and pregnancy. He is open minded, an advocate for women's birthing rights, and committed to sharing evidence based care and information. 

"Based in CA, Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula. His Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey."

There is so much learning opportunity here, so many resources and valuable information. Every episode has something amazing to offer. Everything from breech birth, to roadside delivery, fitness during pregnancy, Chinese medicinal care, birth and labor mythology and how it can inspire us... and so much more. I will leave a few of my favorite episodes here, and I urge you to head to the website or podcast on apple to learn more and see the full range of episodes available.

"We are glad you are here. We want you to know you are not alone and you are not to blame. Help is available. You will get better."

This is the mission statement, and welcoming line on the postpartum support international movement. It touches my heart in a real way. 

1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads suffer from postpartum depression. PMADS, or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are common, real, and not "in your head" These include postpartum depression, anxiety, ocd, panic disorders, ptsd from birth or anything before or after birth, and more. 

There are SO many resources, options for healing, and people who want to help. Please don't go through this alone! As someone who went through this personally, I can not begin to explain how far a little help can go. Support changes the world, It gives you a path away from the trauma, away from the pain. It gives you room to breathe. From support groups, to therapists, to doctors, to doulas for postpartum support, to house care, and more- PSI can connect you to the exact help you need, and if you don't know what you need- help you figure that out. They are dedicated, and so am I. Please reach out! 

There are specialized coordinators for Dad's, for online support, for military families, for Spanish and Arabic families, and more.

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